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learn & improve skills, fun & safety


Meet our chief
SUP Education Officer

Certified SUP Instructor & WATERMAN

Aloha! My name is RODRIGO and my first paddleboard adventure was in 1995, using a kayak paddle and a longboard on a flat day — years before the first Western register of paddleboarding as a sport. I've been surfing or paddling almost every day since age 4 and teaching water sports for the past 31 years always with a focus on FUN THROUGH SAFETY. I have surfed some of the world's most demanding and fun waves and have done more than 300 surf or paddling camping trips and been to 67 countries and 5 oceans: from BC's fjords to the Amazon River basin, the Arctic to Antarctica. I am also a certified cross-country skiing instructor. 

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About SUP Adventures BC

Our goal is to help you build the skills to explore the world from your SUP

SUP Adventures BC was born out of our deep passion for water combined with 26 years of paddleboarding and 39 years of surfing experience on a daily basis, as well as more than 3 decades of educating for fun and safety in all kinds of bodies of water. These adventures have taken us to paddle in 67 countries, 5 oceans and rivers like the Amazon, Columbia, Fraser and Colorado.

And yes, we were paddle boarding before the Western version of the sport was developed! 

A lot has changed since our first adventures in 1996 using a longboard and kayak paddles to glide around. But the essence of the sport has been the same since it was invented by the Indigenous people of the Pacific Ocean, from whom we draw our inspiration in order to respect, love and enjoy the ocean and bodies of water.

Based in the unceded territories of the Coast Salish peoples and operating world-wide, we understand the ocean and bodies of water as both the Earth's largest and most fun playground as well the last frontier of the human experience. 


That's why we are committed with the combination of safety, deep knowledge and continuous learning and an unmatched passion for getting people to have the most fun in the water.


We develop personalized SUP education programs that include one-on-one, group and family lessons, remote video coaching and tours around the bodies of water of the Coast Salish peoples.


Click here to learn more about our chief waterman officer and founder.


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